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We have been working very hard since May to get this season of shows together. We have been all over the place hunting and bowfishing so far! In May we started the season off by heading to Missouri to shoot some fish at JP's home lake, then when he had to go back to work we tore off to Nebraska to wreak havoc on some turkeys there.

95% of all the trips we go on we drive to them, and I am in the drivers seat 99% of the time. Why? We have a lot of gear and lots of people when we have our camera guys too, so in the end it is cheaper. When its cheaper we have a few more bucks for more shells and more arrows so we can shoot at more stuff! This means that we will travel a bunch of miles every year. The road is where we feel at home and it is the backdrop for some of our best stories and adventures to date. Since May we estimate we have traveled over 14,000 miles in my ole truck, the “shaker”, and still have a couple of trips to go. Another thing to think about, that is over 230 hours stuck in a truck with Chuck and JP! More good times ahead

As some of you may know in 2012, Jon and I we were part of a tv show called Ironman Bowfishing. It was the first ever tv show dedicated to strictly bow-fishing. While we were in Mississippi shooting the show a friend of ours introduced us to JP Morris. To make a long story short, once we got together and shot some fish the rest was history. The three of us have been best friends ever since.

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